At the age of 17, Tayfun discovered dancing for himself and initially tried out various urban dance styles with the help of relevant Internet platforms.

Relatively quickly, he developed the greatest passion for breakdancing. Today Tayfun is a versatile and creative bboy who has made dancing the center of his life. He teaches children and teenagers from beginner to advanced. As often as he can, he participates in regional and national battles, the exchange and gathering of experience in the scene always excites him.

He teaches you his entire repertoire in his courses with a lot of passion and fun. Physical borderline experiences are sometimes not to be excluded, but as a trainer he accompanies you individually, is oriented to your abilities and focuses on your personal development.


Junior work + trainer of

Tayfun Successes 2022
⁠Official European Champion at ebc from IDO
⁠• 1. Place 🥇 EBC - european breaking chamiopnship🇩🇪
⁠• 1. Place 🥇 Odensegatheringjam🇩🇰
⁠• 1. Place 🥇 Leipzig 🇩🇪
⁠• 1. Place 🥇 Kingz of the Streetz 🇩🇪
⁠• 1. Place 🥇 Rocking skillz anniversary 🇩🇪
⁠• 1. Place 🥇 Each one teach one 🇩🇪
⁠• 2. Place 🥈 EBC - european breaking chamiopnship🇩🇪
⁠• 2. Place 🥈 Battle in the kettle
⁠• 2. Place 🥈 Game over Berlin street Battle 🇩🇪
⁠• 2. Place 🥈 Back Yard 🇩🇪