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Tanz zehlendorf was originally founded in London, 1993 as a result of dedication and passion to dance.

A new method of teaching was developed that adjusted to the individual needs of every child.


The success

The success of the concept is reflected in the over 400 students of the London branch and the growing numbers here in Berlin. We provide an ideal environment for enthusiastic young dancers to express themselves through dance and develop skills with joy, while inspiring creativity and exciting the imagination. They are guided and taught by carefully selected teachers who follow the guidelines of the Royal Academy of Dance or have a dance certificate in methodology.


We require our teachers to have professional experience

We require our teachers to have professional experience and expertise along with the ability to inspire and motivate the children. As a dance school, we believe in passing on what we have lived and learned during our dance careers.

Please call us for more information at 0176 7471 4093 to register your child for a free trial class at: 

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Tanz Zehlendorf

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