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Kira Schulte-Zurhausen

I grew up in the ballet school founded by my grandmother 'Adele Zurhausen', which was later taken over by my mother. I was taught there by the system of the Royal Academy of Dance. I helped my mother with running the school and in time I came to realise my love and joy of working with and teaching children and adolescents.

I received my training as a dance teacher in Dresden at the 'Palucca Hochschule für Tanz'.

My particular interest is promoting creativity and musicality.

According to my understanding movement, activity, group integration but also encouraging the development of special skills are obligatory in our modern society.

Beyond this sociological aspect I consider training in dance very important in order to influence bodily functions (f.e. posture, musculature, flexibility).

It is my goal to offer the children a contemporary ballet training with a special focus on dancing with joy.

Ballet, Hip Hop and Breakdance for children

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