After successfully absolving three years of training as a ballet teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance in London Kim decided that an active career as a dancer should precede teaching. 

So for the following 15 years she was "treading the boards world wide". She spent a substantial part of that time in the United States performing with the Nevada Theatre Ballet. In Nevada her unusual hight of 1,78m proved to be blessing that helped her to many exciting parts with the famous Bluebell Girls. During this time Kim participated in the founding of the Civic Ballet Company where she not only gave guest performances but also inspired and taught the youngsters to grow into the art of ballet. Her career as a dancer and a teacher took her all over the world to many cities - from Las Vegas in the US to Tokyo in the far east and back to Europe to Paris and London. And last but not least to Berlin, where she feels genuinely at home. With pride and joy she remembers the day in London that Michael Bennett offered her a role in the legendary London production "Chess".  Kim says she owes the success in her career to the "excellent teachers in my beginnings". And to what does she attribute the success of Tanz-Zehlendorf? Her answer: "To my experience as a mother".














Kim Thompson L. R. A. D.