Terms and Conditions


✓ Lessons do not take place during lawful school holidays and public holidays.

✓ Fees are to be paid during holidays. They are calculated over an entire year and are billed in twelve equal instalments.

✓ Approximately 40 lessons will be given per calendar year.

✓ To cancel the contract you must give one month notice. Notice can be given at any time during the year.

✓ During the contracted period students can make up missed lessons.

✓ Lessons cancelled on account of the teacher will be made up on an agreed date.

✓ The course fees include liability insurance for personal injury. Course participants are obliged to inform the teacher           of any injury occurring during class.

✓ Participation takes place at your own risk.

✓ We do not assume liability for lost clothes, items of value or money.



Ballet, hip hop and breakdance for children

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