A warm welcome to all school and kindergarten managers

Given that you look after children every day there is no need to explain to you how much children love to move! Watching them play, jump, spin, skid and swing the necessity of movement for their comfort is apparent.

Paul E. Dennison once said that "Movement is the doorway to any sort of learning". Movement builds the body, the mind, confidence  and the ability to express oneself and communicate. When they use their inventiveness and imagination their minds are open ... there is no better time to subconsciously teach a foreign language – without taking them out of there imaginations for intellectual learning at their desks.

This is the approach of our project "We dance in English" team. In principal we try to catch the children's imagination so they can let go of inhibition and be open to learn.

It comes from the children and matches their emotional landscape. Stories, acting, rhythm and music allow the boys and girls to freely express themselves and leave the lesson joyful and inspired – the seeds of two very precious skills, language and dance, subconsciously planted in their souls.

We appreciate any feedback about our exciting project. Please contact us so we can organise a free trial class in your school or Kita.


Kind regards,

Kim Thompson


Tanz-Zehlendorf for Ballet, hip hop and breakdance for children